Age: 14

   Ikari Shinji is the main character of "Neon Genesis Evangelion", and he is the pilot of Eva-01. He is also referred as the "Third Children". Although he is the son of Ikari Gendou, he feels strange toward his father... Gendou, left him when he was still very young and therefore seldom talk to each other. He is a very pessimistic person and lack confidence in himself. However, after he lived with Misato and joined NERV to fight against the Angels.. he began to regain his confidence.


Age: 14
   Rei Ayanami is a pilot of EVA00 and she is referred as the "First Children". All her previous records about her had been erased. She attend school with Shinji and Asuka.Unlike other young girls, she seldom speaks and show feelings to other people, except Gendou. Her apartment is in a mess too!


Age: 14

   Asuka Langley is a pilot of EVA02 and she is referred as the "Second Children". She is 1/4 Japanese and 3/4 German. She comes to Japan with Kaji Ryouji and together with her EVA02. She is very active and possitive in whatever she do and always trying to be the best in the group. She has the highest synchronic rate among the three.


Age: 29

   Misato Katsuragi belongs to First Division of Operation Section in the Department of Tactics and Operation of NERV Headquarters. She is also the field commander in operations against Angels, and direct supervisor of Shinji, Rei and Asuka.
She is a beautiful and cheerful lady, and she drinks beer like water! She help Shinji a lot, especially in regaining his confidence.
She also has a cute room-mate named "PENPEN" Its a penguin.



Age: 30

   Ritsuko Akagi is the Chief Science Officer of Nerv and she is responsible in the development of the Evangelion. Since she is the direct-in-charge of the Evangelion. She knows more than Misato.


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