I recently discovered this old personal site that was dedicated to Neon Genesis Evangelion, flicking through the wayback machine I found some non-working or missing elements. As an homage to the original creator of the site, David Lim, I decided I should recreate it as best as possible so that it's fully functional in modern browsers. You can find EVA images, music, and information that David collected about 24 years ago.

No external links work, there were too many broken links or links that featured private information so I opted to not include those in the recreation. The text for the links are still there but they will not function. What you can do is move around every link and page David made with all images, text, and music intact. Essentially anything below the “Links” link on the homepage is non-functional. However it is somewhat operable on the archive website here-
web archive

Please Enter: Davids Evangelion Page!