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EmoMallRat Originally formed as a music collective in late 2020. I had been playing around with the idea of a group of likeminded musicians for a while but never quite found the right time or people to make it a reality. Eventually I did find a cool group of people to really build on this idea. We released our first compilation album,"Cat Kmart" in early 2021. It consisted of a few random tracks from me and some friends. It sucked. Don't get me wrong I love my friends and I appreciate the work they put into the project. But, mixing meme rap, folk, dnb, random bass lines, and mashups wasn't exactly going to work out. In fact that was kind of the point. I wanted to see just how discombubalated we could make one piece of media. Sadly in the months following I would grow distant from that group of friends and the original concept of EmoMallRat was lost. It eventually became a kind of umbrella term for me and my music. I would love for it to return to its roots and be a great mashup of great artists just doing random shit together but for the time im happy with where it's at. Maybe one day i'll be able to put a new compilation album on here...

So EmoMallRat now is essentially just a host for my personas. Estradiol, Furry Girls Fear The Avant-Garde, and Intelli. The name I produce the most under is Intelli. But I frequently use all 3. I experiment with all kinds of genres but don't really like fitting myself into just one. I guess electronic music is what I make but thats too bland and wide open to be a meaningful descriptor. The only artist here that has a consistent genere output is Estradiol, they make Harsh noise walls and experimental stuffs. But to be honest anything I make can be anything, im not exactly someone to sit on one thing forever. So for now this is kind of a personal archive of my work over the last few years. I don't have everything on here and a lot of stuff is rough around the edges. But, hopefully its still enjoyable. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the tunes :3...