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Physical media is so special, its a physical malleable form of art. Even if the disc or tape or whatever isnt necesarrily the "MUSIC" itself just the fact that it has a physical form you can hold and watch perform as you listen to music makes it so enjoyable.
Vinyl has been making a huge ressurgence which I think is cool but at the same time I always get a bit bitter about it because I never really stopped using records. Its yall that abandoned this format, not me lol. That being said I still think its cool that physical media like that is gaining traction again. I can only hope that some day in the future mini disc, or cds, or casettes make a comeback. I would love to see the big hitters make new and improved hardware for those seemingly ignored media types.
Okay okay but enough with the rambling, this place is gonna be my lil sanctiuary to talk about and share my collection and discuss my love for all things disc, casette, or gigantic plastic platter. :33 I hope to have regular posts about specific pieces in my collection.

3.20.22 We bought a Exmilitary!!!

I bought an Exmilitary cd, after years of searching and waiting I finally got one!!! Found a great UK seller that was willing to sell for what i'd say is a reasonable price so im feeling pretty good about the purchase. Has been a stressful ordeal trying to manage the whole process of importing something from overseas but it should all work out soon. Don't Know when it will actually be delivered to me tho, last I checked it was sitting in some airport in Ohio. Once it's here I am definitely gonna be writing a full Media Spotlight on not just it but the entire collection of Death Grips cd's. I think there's some pretty cool info about the six albums that have a cd release. Well that's about it for this physical media update, just am really excited and felt fitting to share since one of the first posts here was about this very cd...

2.21.22 Leather Diamond - Hella

Media Spotlight: Hella's Leather Diamond

I decided it would be more suitable to give some posts their own page. This one in specific is a little long and has multiple images and audio players involved and on top of that I thought it was important enough to have its own page. In the future I will probably have these "important" posts listed in the sidebar making it easier to find once the original post is like 10+ posts down the page.

This specific post is a overview of my personal copy of the Leather Diamond demo disc I own. I thought it'd be nice to write about the disc and also the story of how it got to me. Along with that there are some scans of the cd and case it came in along with the songs themselves.

2.12.22 Exmilitary cd

I have barely any posts or pages finished on this site but i'll be damned if I don't fill it with more words about Deathgrips' Exmilitary. My single favorite album of all time and my favorite album to own physically. For a long time now I have been infatiuated with the three main pieces of Exmilitary physical media. The vinyl, the casette, and the cd. THe vinyl I already own and i'll be covering that in a media spotlight some time in the future. The casette is reasonably easy to come by. Cheap? No but in terms of "rare" Death Grips merch its pretty reasonable. The cd howeever is a different beast entirely. The last sale listed on discogs was nearly a year ago. The last time i've personally seen one for sale was around 3 years ago. They do not go up for sale often and even when they do you're lucky to even get a chance to buy one before another collectors grabs it. So why is that? I mean the simple answer is just availbility. Not many exist and the ones that do are owned by people that want to keep them. I was told a while back that they were produced in limited quantity for some record store that closed down not soon after but im not entirely sure if that story is accurate. All I know is that very few exist. I continue to scower ebay and different websites and hope to god I find one eventually. I actually stumbled upon a really rare Hella demo disc once while looking for an Exmilitary cd. I'll be sure to make a media spotlight on that too.

The big reason I wanted to bring up specifically the Exmilitary cd today was cause I wanted to talk about the bootleg I made!!! (I love bootleg media and im sure that will become apparent the longer I post on here.) Basically after years of wanting one of these damn cd's I just decided to up and make my own. I tore apart one of my duplicate copies of My Chemical Romance's - The Black Parade (for the case) printed a bunch of custom inserts (normal cover, but used the black google cover too) and burnt a shitty white cd-rom with the .mp3 version of Exmilitary i've had on my computer forever. Is it the best it could be? no. But I fucking love it and its my special lil piece to fill the void in my heart that Exmilitary has left.

Here are some pics of my bootleg Exmilitary cd!!!

2.11.22 The MiniDisc

I LOVE MiniDisc. I never got a chance to experience it when it was a big deal but having gotten more interested in the format over the last few years has really just made me fucking adore it. There is something so quaint about the minidisc players and their discs. I also enjoy how a lot of the fun in MiniDisc is the fact that you have to record your own discs. I enjoy that part a lot, older media that was modifiable by user was so cool and really made it that more interesting to use and enjoy.
The design of MiniDisc players has got to be one of my favorite things. The fact that theyre always just slightly larger than the disc itself but are still extremely pocketable and portable is so so cool. I also enjoy how they always have like a way more interesting set of internals than like a cd player. The mechanical parts inside are fun to look at. There is something just so refreshing and satisfying about popping a square disc into this metal chamber and song come out. Love it.
I don't have a minidisc player at this time but id love to get one in the future. I like to go on walks a lot and ive always been fond of that feeling of kind of using a physical device to listen to music while out and about. It feels more grounding than just tapping into the web and listening to a billion different songs at once.