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EmoMallRat - DeathMafia

Watch the world burn from the confines of the greatest personal site to ever exist. Ever turning chamber of basalt, sulfur, and fire. Thoughts flow from your mind as water breaks through cracking dams. This is your home now, a host for the parasite and a body for the pile. God Bless the King of SKUM... WRETCHED LORD ABOVE

Baldurs Gate 3 is so much fun...

Mind Fruit - Opus III (1992)

I can't lie, I have only been listening to the opening track (It's a Fine Day) on loop for the past few days. The entire album is great, I think it might be one of my absolute favorites pure electronica/dance albums of the 90s... I mean it has to be, it has the fucking masterpiece that is Its a Fine Day on it. It has this fabously alluring energy that I just lose myself in, its so unreal it is like turning to dust and blowing away in some wind. It is like forgetting who you are and waking up in a 90s Music video with way too much bloom and the most striking colors you've ever seen. Just completely it in the face with genius... god I love this song so much, it is the only reason I have been able to completely redesign this homepage...

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11.3.23 Reflecting

I've been off social media for a while, my thoughts start to pile up into this massive mess of words and sounds that I can never quite put anywhere without feeling like some sort of overbearing mess... which is why I originally made this site funnily enough. So here I am, showing my face in the house i built while trying to obscure myself. Hiding away from peering eyes, which is weird to do on a website that just idly gains views as it rots away. 50k views isn't some massive number, and I dont even know how that works for a website... but it creates this odd tension coming back. Numerous people could have poured over all my hackneyed creations and webpages, all my "pointless" words and Kind of understood me in some manner of speaking. They could have really identified me. And thats odd, to come back to after years of over promising and spilling my guts. I feel like this is the only place I can really write everything I want to say, and thats still so satisfying. One of the things I was trying to build so many months ago when I said I was working on the site (I really was, i just got burnt out with 2 other major projects in the works) was a gaming blog of sorts that would let me spill my guts about video games, but recently i've also wanted to do the same thing about music, and art, and all these things. So I think I am going to shelve that idea, trim some of the fat here, and just make a nice kind of fun blog. I honestly will probably post daily or at least weekly with that in mind. I mean as I write this im listening to an album I really want to talk about (Drop Nineteens new project "19") and was just playing a game id LOVE to discuss (neon white) so im sure there will be a lot of updates, kind of just word updates tho.

I made wretch world when i was isolated, when i felt so lonely that i would spend most days crying over those I could never talk to or those who never reached out. But now, in a similar sort of "Isolation" I find a homeyness. I feel comfortable being so far away from social media, so far away from who i was nearly 3 years ago and who I was in the years following. I am such a vastly different person now and thought this website still wonderfully reflects the epitome of me I would love nothing more than to reshape it into an even more me sanctuary. It is weird looking at something so meaningful to you while seeing it from a perspective that can't quite understand it.

When i say trim the fat I do plan to get read of a myriad of things on the website, stuff that was meant to be more or things that just never quite panned out you know? It wont be gone, I am just going to make it harder to find, but I think i want to reorient this place to just be the bare essentials. Me, my thoughts, and probs a lil bit of my boyfriend lol. I am excited to come back here!!!

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Site Updates -
made new homepage - idk whenver this is done
One of my favorite hobbies is scowering youtube for strange or interesting videos. I just love people and how they choose to express themselves and their thoughts. So yeah here's just some of the fucking cool vids I enjoy.

How to record a MD and set the Track Marks

Guy explains how to record a MD, its a cool vid

Witch Predicts The Future Of Joe Biden's Presidency

Strange fucking video of a witch predicting the future, gotta love them witches.

ay. da gloop go off?

I fucking love this video

DEATH GRIPS : Numerology, The Occult, and the Steroids Conspiracy

Death Grips conspiracy video possibly linking them and their album steroids to the Manchester Bombing

New Year

Super cool video by DigiLuxe, it looks and sounds like something from the 90's. The stunning old cgi visuals are so amazing.

Proof of Angels

Tim Heidecker proves angels are real once and for all.

"OLD SCHOOL" Califone 3430AV cassette tape recorder, 1992.

Really interesting overview of the 3430AV, I bought one of these casette players and wanted to find out more about it. The video does a good job of that. Its just interesting and I enjoy how knowledgeable he is

Beginning my Wall of Cassettes

guy talks about his casette collection and puts em on the wall, he shows off an old casette and says the word "casingle".

steel reserve 40 oz

guy drinks a 40 oz and pukes right before heading into work. A friend showed me this video while my girlfriend texted me letting me know she thinks me and her aren't gonna work out and I had to just kinda sit there and not cry while watching a man vomit up the 40 oz' of beer he just drank. Wonderful fucking video and personal memory.

Uyghur rappers in Xinjiang, China HipHop documentary Speak Out 恕我直言 Ep5:劳道 (ENG Sub)

cool ass documentary about Uyghur rappers in Xinjiang, its fun its informative. Its great getting a look outside your bubble every once in a while.


awesome short film about a pig and their family.

240 - Two Latias! Eon Ticket and Dreamyard! (W2 38)

I really like this guys videos, he really knows a lot about pokemon and its so fun hearing someone talk about something they like really love. Also im just a big fan of shiny hunting and he does a lot of that too. Check em' out

The Red Detachment of Women - FULL MOVIE - English Sub

Wonderful film that depicts the class struggle. The entire movie is about strong women that liberate themselves and others from the chains of the proletariat. It's an extremely moving film and it fills my heart with joy. 中国共产党万岁

Simply The Best Blender Lazy Tutorial Ever

Funny blender video about moths.

you are an idiot!

The description puts it best, "this video is funny."

Manhatta: A Film by Paul Strand and Charles Sheeler

The first American Avant-garde film, it is great. It approaches the ideas of a sprawling cityscape completely devoid of any direct messaging and simply asks the viewer to watch along with them. It also just has a bunch of cool shots of old Manhattan

Gary Fink - Can't Stop Singing About Jesus

Love me some Gary Fink, it's just a fella on the piano having a good ass time.

Air raid siren - Blitz and Civil Defense full speed indoors - insane

Just an air raid siren in some dudes house

Homemade Bagpipes

Guy plays Homemade Bagpipes while his friends enjoy

All 50 Original Big Mouth Billy Bass Singing! 100 singing fish special!

the noise is overwhelming, the fish are disgraced and scary, but the dude that made this is cool and I appreciate that he made this video. Literally will not find this anywhere else

Rare Footage of Young Rick Owens Interviewed by Andre Leon Talley (1997)

Cool interview or really just interaction between two masterminds. Really cool footage I think.

King Of The Hill Theme Over The 1981 Reagan Assassination Attempt

Incredibly funny video, something about Reagan almost fucking dying with the King of the Hill theme is so fucking funny. Hope that guy is rotting in hell.

Your Boy Makes A Pizza By Himself

been kinda obsessed with freddie as of late, this vid of him attemtping to make a pizza is hilarious.

Commuters, Mets Fans Face Travel Nightmare After NJ Transit Derailment Wreaks Havoc at Penn Station

frank the tank throws a fucking fit because his train won't come, kinda funny kinda sad in some weird way. whatever the guys funny he screams loud.