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I have a lot of things to say on a lot of things, thats what this blog is for. I feel like its probably a bit silly to have like 3 or 4 seperate blog pages on my website but yk its my personal website ill do what the heck I want. It makes sense to me to have that many, I will probably eventually fill all of them up to the gills (fish pun) with nonsensical remblings about how i've been stiffed by the world or how the simple sight of a Sony Walkman MZ-N707 makes my mouth water.
Cause I feel the need to explain every little thing I do i'll divulge the secrets of all three of the main blog pages right here so instead of you having to scramble around my pointless run on sentences you can just figure it out once and for all. (theyre also all just on the homepage since i wanted to fill the sidebar). Music blog is about music, I enjoy music a lot and have thoughts about it too, ill be sure to mention albums I like or my personal experiences with production. normal blog is just a normal blog, all about me. The physical media one is also is akin to that of the music blog except I use it to validate me spending hundreds of dollars on useless and obsolete discs. :33